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Rules & Guidance

National Exhibition Rules

1 THE ORGANISERS shall be deemed to be the Council of the Association and their nominated National Exhibition Officials.

2 ENTRIES: The Exhibition is open to members of societies affiliated to the Association. No person may submit more than one entry per class per year. An entry which has once won a trophy may not be resubmitted in any subsequent year unless considerably developed. Details of the development must accompany such entries.

3 ENTRY FORMS must be accompanied by the fee (non-refundable) as stated on the form and which goes towards the expenses of the Exhibition. A separate form is required for each entry. Completed forms must be returned by the specified date.

4 SUBMISSION OF ENTRIES: Exhibits must be in the hands of the National Exhibition Secretary by the date specified on the entry form.


5.1 The exhibit will be mounted as an entry of 16, 32, 48, 64 or 80 sheets as four rows of four sheets per frame (or equivalent) and must fit within the overall frame size of 1200mm high by 1020mm wide. The mounted exhibit must be capable of being glazed in the normal manner.

5.2 The exhibit must be numbered consecutively on the back of the sheets.

5.3 The exhibit must be contained in transparent protectors not more than 300mm high by 245mm wide.

5.4 Larger sheets can be accepted by prior arrangement with the National Exhibition Secretary.

5.5 In any exhibit the top row in each frame i.e. the top 4 sheets is critical. Exhibitors, who use A4 display sheets, are responsible to ensure that the protectors meet the height limit of 300mm. This is necessary to prevent any damage to the display from the frame fixings at the top.


6.1 A published item, or series of articles of not less than approximately 2,500 words, or a series of newsletters spanning at least one year or three issues published within 24 months prior to the date of submission shall be eligible for consideration.

6.2 Items for consideration must be submitted in triplicate to the National Exhibition Secretary at least by, or at, the first council meeting of the year which is held in January. Items submitted will be returned to the author (at his/her expense) if so requested. If there is no such request, the submissions will become the property of the Association.

6.3 Entries will be judged by two judges who will all be philatelists of considerable experience and who must be members of a society affiliated to the Association.

6.4 The author(s) at the time of publication must be member(s) of a society affiliated to the Association. Posthumous awards may be considered.

6.5 The items submitted must be in the English Language, either original or translated.

7 INSURANCE: Whilst the Organisers will take all reasonable care of exhibits, they cannot accept any responsibility for exhibits and it is recommended that each exhibit should be insured for the total period for which it is out of its owner's hands, i.e. from date of dispatch to date of return.

8 DELIVERY/COLLECTION of exhibits should be by Royal Mail special delivery (or equivalent) or by hand.

9 OWNERSHIP: Each exhibit must be the bona fide property of the exhibitor.

10 JUDGING will be carried out by a panel appointed by the Association. The panel will judge each entry as it will be displayed at Congress, i.e. four rows of four sheets or the agreed equivalent. The decision of the judging panel, with respect to interpretation of all matters affecting the Exhibition, is final. All entries will be graded according to the Association's Judging Standards and, where appropriate, certificates and medals will be issued corresponding to Certificate of participation, Diploma, Bronze, Bronze-Silver, Silver, Small Silver Gilt, Large Silver Gilt and Gold. Brief evaluation slips will be returned with each entry.

11 TROPHIES: Trophies will be held by the winners for such period as specified by the National Exhibition Secretary and will be the full responsibility of the holders while in their custody. Trophies must remain in the United Kingdom at all times and be returned to the National Exhibition Secretary at the holder's expense and with proper security. (Society delegates attend a meeting of the Association usually in January of each year. Trophies can be returned, at the convenience of the delegate, to the National Exhibition Secretary at this meeting).

12 ORGANISERS’ RIGHTS: The Organisers reserve the right to refuse an entry which is not of sufficient merit and a trophy may be withheld should none of the entries in a particular class be of sufficient merit, i.e.

(a) The Cowell Salver for first time entrant to be at least Diploma standard (i.e. 40%); and

(b) All other trophies to be a least Bronze-Silver standard (60%).

Revised September 2021

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This page was last modified on 20th October 2021

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