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Rules & Guidance

National Junior Competition for the Alba Salver Rules

a) The competition is open to collectors up to the age of 18 years, resident in Scotland.

b) Each entry must be the work of a single entrant and NOT the collective work of a group. Each competitor is limited to one Alba entry.

c) Entries can be submitted through a school, Stamp Club, Philatelic Society or direct to the Competition Organiser.

d) The entrant's age will be taken as on 1 April in the year of the Competition.

e) Entries will be judged in the following age groups;

Group A Up to and including 8 years

Group B From 8+ to 12 years

Group C From 12+ to 15 years

Group D From 15+ to 18 years

f) Entries must be submitted on either individual A4 sized sheets or standard sheets (up to 29.5 cm by 25 cm) using one side only, with the sheets numbered in running order on the reverse and in protective transparent covers.

g) Entries MUST consist of the following number of sheets for entrants in a group:-

Group A 4 Sheets

Group B 8 Sheets

Group C 12 or 16 Sheets (Competitors may choose either)

Group D 16 Sheets

Entrants may increase a previously entered display by four further sheets in subsequent years up to a maximum of sixteen sheets as indicated above. Entries with more than the permitted number of sheets will only be judged on the sheets up to the permitted number with no account being taken of any additional sheets. It may only be possible to display those sheets up to the permitted number for an entry. Entries may be resubmitted in subsequent years with the same number of sheets if there have been changes in content or presentation. Hand written entries are just as acceptable as computer printed sheets. The marks for presentation will reflect the difficulty of producing high quality entries in any form.

h) The winner of each Group will receive a Medal. Certificates will be awarded to all participants along with other philatelic prizes given according to merit.

i) The Alba Salver will be awarded to the best overall entry using a marking system which creates equality for all Groups of entry. Marks will be awarded for originality in title and description. The trophy will be held by the winner for one year. The trophy may be withheld if the required standard is not met.

j) Each entry must include an entry form in the agreed format which should be completed and returned to the Organiser by such date as is requested by the Organiser.

k) Entry is free.

1) All entries will be returned after the Competition..

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