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Signatories to the Book of Scottish Philatelists

In 1964 the Book of Scottish Philatelists was brought into being to enable those philatelists who have achieved eminence for their work in the advancement of philately or for outstanding original research to be honoured and placed on record.

Anyone who wishes to nominate a member of their society or indeed a member of another society for this award, please download and complete this form and submit it to the Keeper of the Book by the beginning of December for it to be considered for the next Congress.

Below are the signatories of the book.

1964 Dr A.E. Kidd 1979 Albert B. Johnstone 2001 David Jefferies
Dr. Donald Chisholm 1981 Dr. H.H. Hirst FRPSL 2004 Alexander S. Mackie
John Anderson MBE Angus McMillan 2005 John W. Christie
James S. Merrylees 1982 Col. C.A.M. Blair CMG OBE Cecil W. Meredith FRPSL
1965 A. Bruce Auckland Dr. Jean B. Alexander FRPSL 2006 Dr. Jeffrey C. Stone FRPSL
Bertram McGowan John B.R. Murray 2007 Prof. David Stirrups FRPSL
A.E. Stephenson FCPS George MacKenzie 2008 Richard Beith
1966 Sir John Wilson, Bart., KCVO 1987 Anthony R. Torrance 2009 Peter J. Westwood
Captain Philippe Durand 1988 Rev. W.T.F. Castle 2010 Douglas N. Muir
James H. Tierney 1990 Donald Malcolm 2015 Dr. Stewart Gardiner FRPSL
1967 D. Alan Stevenson 1993 Dr. Robert C. Corbett 2016 Dr. A.D. Kindley FRCPE FRPSL
1971 Wm. S.E. Stephen 1994 Edwin Morris 2019 Francis Podger FRPSL
1972 John James Bonar 1996 David Robinson
1974 S. Graham Hoey 1997 Dr. James A. Mackay
1975 Margaret I. Morris 1998 Thomas Rielly
1976 Samuel F. Gilmour William Colley FRPSL
1978 Thomas & Germaine Cowell 2000 Charles Y. Reid

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