The Association of Scottish Philatelic Societies (ASPS) is a collection of local societies from throughout Scotland whose aim is to further the study of Stamps, Postcards and Postal History. ASPS is formed by each society nominating a delegate who attends up to 3 meetings per year on their society's behalf.

There are currently 43 local societies throughout Scotland of whom 9 are specialist societies and who have meetings throughout most of the year. If you are interested in joining a society have a look at the affiliated society page of the website to see where your local society is and whats on.

Each year the association organises a National Exhibition (commonly called Congress), usually in April, at which a number of dealers attend in order that philatelists can purchase items and also to display their collections, either competitively or non-competitively. Congress is hosted each year by a different society and that society usually produces a cover and/or postcard specifically for the occasion.
Full details of all societies affiliated to ASPS and details of all Congresses past, present and future can be found on the website.
Latest News on Congress

The 91st Congress will be held at the

Dewars Centre, Perth on

16th - 17th April 2021.

The Host Society will be:

Kirkcudbright Philatelic and Postcard Society
Dumfries Stamp and Postcard Club

Philatelic Information Booklets

The Caledonian PS decided to encourage members to produce booklets that might attract new recruits to Philately. These were intended for a target audience of those around retiral age. The four booklets that resulted only cover a fraction of the endless possibilities for involvement in stamp collecting but have now been issued to local libraries and other public venues in and around Glasgow. Other societies are welcome to use the material or adapt it to their needs.
Printed copies can be obtained for free from the Caledonian PS Public Relations Officer Sandy Kerr. (Tel: 01436 675421).

Booklets Available to view (Click to open in new window)

Scottish Botanists

Scottish Missionary Mail

Scottish Connection to New Zealand

Butterflies and Moths

Association News

Speaker's List

A detailed speaker's list is available by clicking here. The list will open a pdf file.

List revised 7th April 2020

This list will continually be updated as more details emerge. Currently there are 24 Speakers on the list.

Other Exhibitions

Below are the details of Other Exhibitions already advertised.

National Exhibitions
30 Sept - 4 Oct 2020 Autumn Stampex
17 - 20 Feb 2021 Spring Stampex

International Exhibitions
Sept 4-6 NORDIA 2020
30 Sept 4 Oct BULGARIA 2020
Nov 5-10 INDONESIA 2020
Mar 17-20 IPEX 2021 2020
May 6-9 IBRA 2021
Aug 25-30 PHILANIPPON 2021
Nov 19-22 NOTOS 2021
Feb 19-26 LONDON 2022

Whats On

Below are the details of each society's meeting being held over the next 10 days.

Youth Philately / StampIT
Click here to see more information relating to StampIT.

Fantastic Language Competitions to be played. For full details see the StampIt page on the website.

Twitter Feeds

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