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15th April till 31st August 2021

2020/2021 A.S.P.S. President's Letter of Welcome and Introduction

May I welcome all of you who have logged on to our Association of Scottish Philatelic Societies (A.S.P.S.) Website at this time? Welcome also to our 91st A.S.P.S. CONGRESS 2021 ALTERNATIVE. Enjoy you visit(s)!

You will be able to log on as many times as you want to our Website from 15 April 2021 to 31st August 2021 to share in a brand new philatelic experience, an online philatelic extravaganza, a virtual presentation to you of a huge variety of contributions from philatelists and stamp and postcard collectors and enthusiasts from across Scotland. You may look at these from home in your own time and at your leisure.

By special arrangement this year, you will be able also to enjoy Displays from South of the Border with Displays submitted by members of our sister association, Association of British Philatelic Societies (A.B.P.S.)

The displays can be found on the National Exhibition section of this website (Under Congress) or by clicking here....

It was originally envisaged that all of us philatelists and stamp and postcard collectors would take part in the "91st A.S.P.S. CONGRESS 2021" at Perth on 15/16 April 2021. This has had to be cancelled, however, for the second year running, on account of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The 2021 Congress was to have been hosted jointly by Kirkcudbright Philatelic and Postcard Society and Dumfries Stamp and Postcard Club, of both of which I am A.S.P.S. Delegate. The Postal Cover and Mini Sheet designs shown would have been in use featuring the Scottish Victorian Architect William Burn (1789-1870) who was to be our focus.

It would be great to think that our "show" might encourage you to take up philately, stamp or postcard collecting yourself. This will surely lead you down different and totally absorbing roads of interest including the artistic, the geographic, the historic and, of course, social history itself. Enjoy the displays and here's hoping you find your way to a Stamp Club or Philatelic Society near you!

Best Regards,

Douglas R. Irving

2020/2021 A.S.P.S. President

Latest News on Congress

The Next Congress

will take place on 22nd-23rd April 2022 at the
Dewars Centre, Perth

Perth Philatelic Society

will be the hosts.

Other Exhibitions

Below are the details of Other Exhibitions already advertised.

National Exhibitions

Sept 29 - Oct 2 Autumn Stampex

International Exhibitions

May 6-9 IBRA 2021
Aug 25-30 PHILANIPPON 2021
Nov 19-22 NOTOS 2021
Feb 19-26 LONDON 2022
Association News

Change of Secretary

Perth Philatelic Society have changed Secretary. The new Secretary is Colin Caskie. His contact details should be available on the List of Secretaries in the members area of the website.

Constitution & Financial Policy

Copies of the Constitution and Financial Policy are now available to view in the Members Area of the website.

Speaker's List

A detailed speaker's list is available by clicking here. The list will open a pdf file.

List revised 7th April 2020

This list will continually be updated as more details emerge. Currently there are 24 Speakers on the list.

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