Gallery by Sandie Robb

A gallery of some of my art with stamps 

Yes, I have sewn through some of these stamps! I promise they were already damaged stamps before I used them in this art. 

Sometimes stamps get damaged and torn but you can still use them in your projects. 

The China tag book has my some of my favourite Chinese stamps that remind me of my visits to China. These stamps are special to me so I have not attached with glue or hinges (special stampy things). They have been placed in clear stamp mounts. This is a great way to attach stamps without damaging them. (See Hinges & mounts.)

The envelopes (in stamp collecting, they are called covers) are joined in a way to open up as a flip book and I use the envelopes as pockets to keep other stamps related to the theme. 

I have made one for my Egyptian collection and one for Mauritius. 

"I don't sell any of my art so this is not an advertisement, these are just to show examples of what you can do." Sandie Robb

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