Album - 

A book or folder designed for mounting, storing and displaying stamps or covers

Bishop mark - 

The earliest postmark introduced by Henry Bishop in 1661. Read more at Postmarks and cancellations

Cancelled to order CTO - 

Stamps with postmarks or cancellations but have never been through the post. They are not genuinely used stamps. They can be attractive for collections but some stamp collectors don't like them. 

Cancellation - 

A mark to show a stamp has been used. Read more at Postmarks and cancellations

Catalogue - 

A book with information on stamps. Catalogues can be produced for world stamps or for particular countries or themes. Usually the catalogues list a value for the stamps. Read more at What's it worth?

Cinderella - 

Labels that look like stamps but are not real stamps. Read more at Cinderellas

Commemorative - 

Stamps printed for a limited time. Sometimes they are for anniversaries of famous people and historic events. 


an envelope with an address, usually with stamps and postmarks and has been through the postal system. Read more at Covers

Definitive - 

Stamps with a design which are issued for a long period of time which can be over several years. 

Entire - 

A piece of postal stationery. Often used to describe the folded old letters before stamps. Read more at Postal history

Error - 

A stamp printed with a mistake. Usually these are rare because not many should have been in production before the error was found and they can be very valuable. Read more at What's it worth?

Face value - 

The postal value of the stamp that it is on printed on it. This is not the same as the value to a collector. Read more at What's it worth?

First day cover - 

A cover issued on the first day the stamp was issued.  Read more at Covers

Frank - 

A mark on a cover usually to replace the need for a stamp and that shows the postage has been paid. 

Hinge - 

Small rectangular gummed pieces of special paper to attach stamps. Read more at Hinges & mounts

Imperforate - 

Stamps without perforations. Read more at Tearing stamps apart

Kiloware - 

Packet of used stamps usually for sale and usually on-paper. 

Machin - 

The name given to a series of definitive stamps showing a design of the head of Queen Elizabeth II. The design was created by Arnold Machin. 

Mint - 

A stamp which has not been through the post and is in the same condition as it was first issued. Read more at Mint stamps

Mount - 

Special clear holders to attach stamps without using a hinge. Read more at Hinges & mounts

On-paper - 

Stamps that are still attached to part of the envelope and usually need soaking to separate. Read more at Why would you soak your stamps?

Perfin -

Stamps with holes through the stamp, usually in designs or initials. Read more at Stamps with holes! 

Perforation - 

The holes to allow stamps to be easily torn apart. Read more at Tearing stamps apart

Philately - 

The collection and study of stamps.

Postmark - 

Marks on a letter with the date the letter was posted. Read more at Postmarks and cancellations

Sheet - 

A complete set of stamps as they are printed. 

Slogan postmark - 

An advertising postmark. 

Stamp - 

An official label issued by a postal authority to be used to send mail and show that payment has been made. 

Stock book - 

A book or folder designed to store stamps. Usually with rows of pockets to slide the stamps into. 

Watermark - 

A secret mark in the making of the paper. Read more at Secret marks

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