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32. Willow Tree Porcelain

Willow tree porcelain liǔshù cíqì 柳树瓷器   

This stamp was issued in 2000, a circular stamp in a miniature sheet about ceramics. 

The willow pattern porcelain became really popular in the UK in the 18th century. The designs copied early Chinese paintings. 

The last two characters mean porcelain. The first means willow and the second character means tree. The character for tree is a phonogram. Phonogram characters have one part which links to the meaning and one part which links to the sound. The traditional character for tree is 樹 which contains the sound part. However the character in simplified form is 树. 

The character for the wood is a simple picture which has changed over time:

Suggested activities:

  • Decorate a paper plate with a willow tree pattern. 
  • Find out about the story behind the willow tree porcelain. 

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