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31. Zheng He

Zheng He zhèng hé  郑和   

This stamp was issued in 1985 in a set of 4 stamps celebrating the 580th anniversary of Zheng He's first voyage to western seas. 

Zhèng Hé 郑和 was born as Mǎ Hé 马和. He was captured as a slave but he worked hard and served the prince. He became a general and then an admiral with a large navy. He explored many countries. He served under three emperors and achieved many great things. 

和 hé also means 'and' or 'together with'. Historically it also means 'harmony' which helps explain the character. The character is made up from two characters - mouth and grain. If the mouths are filled with grain then everything is in harmony. 

Suggested activities:

  • Find out about the famous admiral and explorer Zheng He. 

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