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23. Green Peafowl

Green peafowl lǜ kǒngquè 绿孔雀   

This stamp was issued in 2004 in a miniature sheet.

The word for peafowl is made up from two characters 孔雀. The first means opening and the second means a small bird so the full translation is 'a small bird's tail that opens up'. The other character 綠 means green. 

There are two characters for bird in Chinese: 鸟 niǎo - meaning a bird with long tail feathers and 隹 zhuī - meaning a bird with a short tail. 隹 zhuī is combined with the character for small to form the character 雀 què. 

Suggested activities:

  • Find out about the green peafowl - their range, habitat and diet. 
  • Make a colourful peacock tail. 

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