Let's Look at China through stamps

16. The Silk Road

China discovered how to make silk. The thread is from the cocoons of the silkworm. The silkworm isn’t a worm but a moth, which starts life as a caterpillar and then weaves itself into a cocoon to transform into a moth. 

China managed to keep the secret of making silk for many years. Merchants traded with other countries and the route they took became known as the silk route or the silk road.

If you look closely at these stamps, you can see the method of transport the merchants took to travel across a large area of desert with many goods. 

sīchóu zhī lù 

丝 绸 之 路



The word for silk is: 

丝 绸 sīchóu    

This character has appeared before in this book:


Where and why was silk mentioned before?

(From the last page. did you work out that Huánglóng means yellow dragon!)

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