What's it worth?

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1. What's it worth?

Face value is the postal value of the stamp. This will appear on the stamp.

The above stamp has a face value of 39p. 

The dinosaur stamp has the face value equal to the current 1st class postage rate. Even though this stamp was bought when the 1st class postage was lower than it is today, the stamp can still be used for 1st class post. 

This penny red had a face value of one old UK penny before decimalisation. Just because it is a penny red doesn’t mean it will be very valuable today. There is a wide range of values for these stamps and it will depend on its condition, the margins at the sides and the letters at the bottom.

It takes an expert to calculate the value of stamps in a collection and most of the stamps won’t be worth very much. Some reasons that can make the stamp valuable are:

  • it is very rare;
  • has an error (a mistake that was made when it was printed);
  • it has a rare postmark or cancellation on it.
The best advice is to collect because you like the stamps and not because you think they will be valuable one day!

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