Hinges & mounts

You can download this book as a pdf leaflet

1. Hinges

Hinges are a safe way to attach your stamps to album pages but you might not want to hinge a stamp that hasn’t ever been hinged before. This is because, although it is designed to be removed, it will still leave a mark on the back of the stamp. Also you might not want to hinge a valuable stamp.

The best way to attach stamps that you don’t want to hinge is to use stamp mounts. These are special strips, usually with a black backing and a clear front. The mount sticks to the page and the stamp slips inside it. You can also get completely clear mounts.

The mounts come in all sizes so this is a good way to display a miniature sheet. A miniature sheet has a stamp or set of stamps usually with a decorative border. Here is an example of a miniature sheet from Macau, China.

Now watch the StampIT video showing how to hinge a stamp

You can download this book in pdf leaflet form a Hinges & mounts