Stamps with holes!

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4. Design your own perfin

Now design your own perfin – a design that is special to you or a design that includes your initials. 

Special perfin machines were used to punch the holes in the stamps. It will be difficult for you to find a punch small enough to make your design on the size of a stamp but you can make a large example. I made this design because I work on an education programme about giant pandas. It is a giant panda with my initials inside.

  • Take an A5 or A4 piece of white paper and draw your design in pencil.
  • Using a long arm single hole punch, punch along your outline. If you don’t have a long arm punch, then you may be able to fold your paper to reach parts of your design. Just take care not to punch in the wrong place. Adult help may be required. 

  • When you’ve punched around your design, erase the pencil lines.

Send in your designs