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    Please contact for further information or send any feedback, competition/challenge entries to 

    StampIT is managed by @Sandie_Robb for @ASPS_Philately #ASPS_StampIT #learnfromstamps #funwithstamps #StampoverOctober

    StampIT on instagram @asps_stampit

    Background information

    StampIT started in 2004, you can read an article by The Philatelic Traders' Society about StampIT here. 

    Sandie Robb, who created StampIT, is a GTCS registered teacher, but has been working with The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland (RZSS) for over 17 years. She is now the RZSS Language Project Coordinator and manages the 'Beyond the Panda' and 'Science in the Language Class' programmes. Sandie has brought her educational and language learning skills into StampIT. StampIT is a voluntarily concern and supported by the Association of Scottish Philatelic Societies. You can also contact her on