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ASPS Interfederation Competition Entries 2020

At the Virtual Stampex in 2020 the Association of Scottish Philatelic Societies were awarded the Silver Medal for second place in the competition.
The Association was represented by Adrian Keppel, Stuart Gough and George Henshilwood and examples of their respective entries are shown below with their individual awards. Only the first page of their entries is shown below. Clicking on the image will open a larger image in a new window.

George Henshilwood   Award: Vermeil
See Me? See History?
Class: Thematic

Stuart Gough   Award: Gold
Arran's Post Offices plus some other Features of Postal Delivery
Class: Picture Postcards

Adrian Keppel   Award: Large Gold
Karl Bickel - The Swiss Stamp Engraver
Class: Traditional

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