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Rules & Guidance

ASPS Open Class Rules

1 The organisers shall be deemed to be the Council of the Association and their nominated Open Class organisers.

2 Entries: The Class is open to members of societies affiliated to the Association. No person may submit more than one entry per year. An entry which has once won the class may not be resubmitted in any subsequent years unless considerably altered. Details of the alterations must accompany such entries.

3 Entry forms must be submitted by the specified date, but no entry fee will be payable.

4 Submission of entries: Entries must be in the hands of the nominated organiser by the date specified on the entry form.

5 Size of Entry.

5.1 The entry must be mounted to fit within the overall frame size of 1200mm high by 1020 mm wide. The mounted entry must be capable of being glazed in the normal manner, and fit onto a standard four-row mounting board.

5.2 The entry must be numbered consecutively on the back of the sheets, or a display plan provided.

5.3 The entry must be suitably protected.

6 Insurance: Whilst the Organisers will take all reasonable care of entries, they cannot accept any responsibility for entries and it is recommended that each entry should be insured for the total time that it is out of its owners hands.

7 Delivery/ Collection of entries should be by registered post or by hand.

8 Ownership: Each entry must be the bona fide property of the entrant.

9 Organisers’ rights: The organisers reserve the right to refuse an entry which does not comply with the Class rules.


The entry can be on any topic, but material relating to the transmission of the post must predominate i.e. ⅔ of the area of the display.

11 JUDGING: Will be by those present at Congress who wish to participate. Each ‘judge’ will be allowed to submit one judging form. ‘Judges’ will be asked to record their 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices based on - the development of the entry and the relevance of the material used

- originality and creativity

- presentation and visual appeal

- knowledge and personal study

Judging forms will be available from the opening of the Congress on Friday pm. and completed forms must be returned to the ASPS table by 1pm. on Saturday. Points will be awarded on the basis of 3 per 1st, 2 per 2nd and 1 per 3rd place recorded. In the result of a tie, the entry with most 1st places will win. The result will be declared at 2.45pm.

12 It is not intended to award a trophy for this class, though a Winner’s certificate may be considered, with certificates of participation for other entrants.


The rules governing the format of the entry are deliberately being kept to a minimum. The entry can cover any country or topic selected by the entrant, but ⅔ of the entry by area must consist of official material issued to facilitate the transmission of the post – e.g. stamps, booklets, covers, miniature sheets, maximum cards, etc plus postal markings, etiquettes, etc.

The remaining ⅓of the entry can comprise anything selected by the entrant which is relevant and complementary to the main display. This can include postcard fronts, maps, press cuttings, cinderellas, poster stamps, revenues, greetings cards, etc.

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