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1st December 2016

The Entry forms for the National Exhibition, The Junior competitions for the ALBA Salver and the Junior one-sheet competition are now on the main Congress page.

Examples of the Congress cover, postcard and cancellation are now available on the Congress page as well.

18th October 2016

Details relating to our next Congress in April 2017 are now becoming available and can be found on the Congress Page. The Open Class Entry Form is also available to download on the same page.

What's On - January 2017

Jan 4th Largs and District Stamp Club Vice Presidents Night 7:30pm
Jan 5th Caledonian P.S. Committee Entertains Sponsored by Sandy Kerr 7:30pm
Jan 5th Perth P.S. Members Recent Acquisitions 7:30pm
Jan 6th Lanarkshire P.S. Committee Entertains 7:30pm
Jan 7th Alba Stamp Group (Motherwell) Ayrshire 2:00pm
Jan 9th Borders P.S. Tell A Story - A few sheets 7:30pm
Jan 9th Glasgow Thematic Society Party Night & 10 Sheets 7:30pm
Jan 9th Old Eastwood Stamp Club Newfoundland by Alan Blakely 7:30pm
Jan 10th Dunfermline Stamp and Postcard Club Visit by Kirkcaldy P.S. 7:15pm
Jan 10th Edinburgh P.S. N.E.I./Indonesia by David Mekie 7:30pm
Jan 10th Glasgow P.S. Members Displays Letters J and A 1:30pm
Jan 11th Bearsden & District P.S. Members Night IDM 7:30pm
Jan 11th Paisley P.S. 6 Sheets Letter J 2:00pm
Jan 12th Aberdeen P.S. Alphabet Night - F 7:30pm
Jan 12th Caledonian P.S. West Africa by Ian Anderson 7:30pm
Jan 12th Dundee & District P.S. Annual Competition 7:30pm
Jan 12th Falkirk & District P.S. Competition Night 7:30pm
Jan 13th Ayrshire P.S. 4 Wee Haufs 7:30pm
Jan 13th Kirkcudbright P.S. "Presidents Night & Kirkcudbright Trophy, S.C. Ball Trophy" 7:30pm
Jan 16th Strathclyde Postcard Club Visit by Bearsden P.S. 7:30pm
Jan 17th Arbroath & District Stamp & Postcard Club Club Auction Night 7:30pm
Jan 17th Scottish P.S. France: Its Cinderella World by Peter Brand 7:00pm
Jan 17th Scottish P.S. Falkland Islands by Robin Sherman FRPSL 7:30pm
Jan 18th Kirkcaldy Stamp & Postcard Club Presidents Display by Tom Manson 1:30pm
Jan 18th Largs and District Stamp Club Bobs Night 7:30pm
Jan 19th Caledonian P.S. Pharaonic Egypt by Kenneth Mathieson 7:30pm
Jan 19th Perth P.S. "Members Evening - Mike McEwan, Colin Caskie" 7:30pm
Jan 20th Lanarkshire P.S. WWI in German E Africa by Mr G Shepherd 7:30pm
Jan 23rd Borders P.S. Islands by Brian Chilton 7:30pm
Jan 23rd Old Eastwood Stamp Club Miscellany by Ronals Wolfe 7:30pm
Jan 24th Edinburgh P.S. Br. Solomon Islands by Robin Sherman 7:30pm
Jan 24th Glasgow P.S. Americana by Lyn Robinson 1:30pm
Jan 24th Stirling & District P.S. Members Night 7:30pm
Jan 25th Bearsden & District P.S. Burnsania 7:30pm
Jan 25th Paisley P.S. South Atlantic by David Cumming 2:00pm
Jan 25th Postcard Club of Tayside Members show their Latest Acquisitions 7:30pm
Jan 26th Aberdeen P.S. Presidents Night 7:30pm
Jan 26th Caledonian P.S. Canada by Alan Blakeley & George Henshilwood 7:30pm
Jan 26th Dundee & District P.S. Commerce in the Post III by Ron Goodfellow 7:30pm
Jan 26th Falkirk & District P.S. "Members Night - Army, Navy, Air Force" 7:30pm
Jan 27th Ayrshire P.S. Postcard Night 7:30pm
Jan 31st Scottish P.S. Members Night - Letter F 7:30pm


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